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Nitro® high-quality roller chains are designed, tested & manufactured behind 45+ years of experience.

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ANSI Roller Chains

ANSI Roller Chains

Full range of high-quality roller chains built to the ANSI B29.1 standards. Engineered for strength, durability and reliability.

Available in Standard Series, Heavy Series & Super Premium.

  • Sizes #25 thru #240
  • Single & Multi-Strands
  • Riveted & Cottered Construction
Corrosion Resistant Chains

Corrosion Resistant Roller Chain

Roller chains offering protection against mild to highly corrosive environments.

Available in many ANSI & British standard chain sizes.

  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • ShieldX®
  • Nickel Plated
Conveyor Roller Chains

Conveyor Roller Chain

Wide selection of standard & oversized chains for your conveying applications. All conveyor chains adhere to ANSI B29.4 industry standards.

  • Sizes #C2040 thru #C2160H
  • Standard & Oversized Rollers
  • 81X Series


A huge selection of different types of sprockets that are offered in many tooth counts, chains sizes and bore sizes.

  • Type B/BS Finished Bore Sprockets
  • Type A Plate Sprockets
  • Weld On Sprockets & Hubs
  • Type BB Idler Sprockets
Specialty Roller Chains

Specialty Roller Chains

We stock many types of specialty chains that are designed with unique features for applications with special requirements.

  • O-Ring Chain
  • Hollow Pin Chain
  • Sharp Top, Serrated & Slasher Chain

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