Riveted Roller Chain:

The riveted chain has staked (riveted) pins on both sides of the roller chain throughout the entire chain. Chains can either be dual staked like our standard roller chain or quad staked like our super premium roller chain.

riveted roller chain dual & quad

Cottered Roller Chain:

Cottered chains use a cotterpin for every pin on one side of the chain. The opposite side of the chain is dual staked similar to the riveted chain.

cottered roller chain

Difference - Riveted Vs Cottered Chain:

So whats the difference between the two roller chains? Not much...Both riveted and cottered chains are manufactured to conform to the ANSI B29.1 standards. This means both style roller chains carry the same dimensions, except cottered chain has slightly longer pins to accommodate room for the cotterpins. Both style chains run on the same sprockets! The main difference is the cottered chain makes cutting down the chain much easier especially when working with larger pitch chains. Cottered chain requires you to remove the cotter pins versus riveted chain you must grind down the pin head. Which sounds easier to deal? Cottered for sure! Lastly, the link must be pressed out since the side plates are pressed fit over the pin for both styles.

cottered vs riveted diagram