What Are Idler Sprockets?

Idler sprockets are a flat hubless sprocket, with a sealed bearing that allows the sprocket to rotate freely. The bearings used in our idler sprockets use a wide inner race to create spacing between components on a shaft. Idlers are normally mounted in a fixed position on a fixed shaft or attached to a tensioner arm.

When Do You Use An Idler Sprocket?

Idler sprockets should be used on drives when long lengths of chain is used to take up any chain sag that may occur. Another situation when an idler sprocket is needed is when a drive is designed where the chain is routed in multiple directions throughout a machine.

Nitro Idler Sprocket Features:
  • Quality Sealed Ball Bearing
  • Conforms To ANSI Sprocket Standards
  • Hardened Teeth
  • Pressed & Riveted In Bearing
made in america

All idler sprockets we offer are manufactured in the USA.