Nitro Chain continues to research product enhancements to maintain a high-level of industry leading quality in all of our roller chain products. In 2021, Nitro has developed our 2nd generation (N2 Series) roller chain by implementing 3 improved features into all of our roller chains¹. These new features offer improved wear resistance, fatigue resistance and increases the chains overall service life³.

The N2 Series is being phased in to replace our first generation once inventory has been depleted. This ensures every customer will receive the highest quality and most reliable chains available on the market.

See the FAQ below regarding the N2 Series roller chain transition.

New Chain Features

New Solid Bushing

Solid Bushings

A new solid cold forged bushing with a true cylindrical shape is being built into Nitro roller chains. ¹

Greater wear resistance, load distribution & less lubricant loss for increased service life. ³
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New Roller Chain Lubricant

New Pre-Lubricant

Chains are pre-lubricated through hot-dipping in a new formula for better coverage and retention.

Better wear protection before first service is required.

Improved Shot Peening

Improved Shot Peening

Chain parts undergo an improved shot peening process for a better compressive stress layer.

Increases the chains overall fatigue strength.

Roller Chain Wear Tests

Factory wear testing is conducted on a regular basis to ensure Nitro roller chains continue to meet strict quality & performance standards.

During controlled wear testing, the N2 Series had far greater wear resistance, which resulted in 40% less elongation (stretch) than 2 other industry brands for the duration of the test.

Test Conditions:
  • Chain Size: ANSI #40
  • Speed: 580 Feet/Min
  • Sprocket Size: 14 Teeth & 45 Teeth
  • Load: 154 Lbs
  • Lubricant: Initial Factory Lubricant
  • Duration: 360 Hours
  • Measurement Intervals: Every 40 Hours
nitro n2 series chain wear graph

New Packaging

On top of new chain features, we also redesigned our product packaging with an improved appearance & identification while stocked on your shelves.² The boxes now include our Item ID, general chain description and a barcode that reflects our Item ID. Perfect for scanning into your inventory management system!


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