Roller Chain Temperature Ratings

Below is a chart that covers the recommended ambient temperature ranges for Nitro™ roller chain. Your chain drives should never exceed the recommended range if possible, otherwise you'll experience early chain failure. There are instances where operating outside of recommended range is the only option due to the nature of application. If this is case, then you'll need to make sure a special formulated oil is used to try an maximize the service life of the chain.

Temp Rating Table

Chain Type Recommended Ambient Temp Range² Maximum High/Low Temps
(Steel) *
14°F Up To 140°F Lowest -39°F
Highest 300°F
Stainless Steel -40° Up To 752°F Lowest -200°F
Highest 1,200°F
Plastic³ -40° Up To 180°F Lowest -40°F
Highest 200°F

*Plated roller chains such as Nickel and our ShieldX® coated chain carry the same temperatures ratings.

² Ambient temperatures outside of the recommended should use a special formulated oil for high or low temperatures.

³ For our Acetal Copolymer roller chain with stainless pins & plates

Effects On Roller Chain When Operating Outside The Recommended Temperature Range

Service life is significantly decreased when roller chain operates outside of the recommended temperature ranges. Below are some of the most common issues, you'll have when working outside of the recommended range.

Higher Than Recommended
  • Decreased Strength
  • Increased Wear To Chain Joints
  • Lubricant Deterioration
Lower Than Recommended
  • Stiffened Joints From Frost/Ice Build Up
  • Solidification Of Chain Lubricant
  • Decreased Shock Load Strength Due To Brittleness