Farms operate 24/7 and 365 days a year to continually produce enough food to feed the worlds population. To meet the growing needs, farmers are now equipped with advanced & modern-day equipment that eliminates many labor intensive tasks. This has allowed farming operations to become more efficient, especially in parts of world where the growing season is short. There is equipment for every stage of farming that ranges from fertilizing, crop harvesting to grain storage and everything in-between.

Combine Harvesters

Combine Harvester

Combines are very large, advanced and efficient machines that can harvest crops at large volumes. Combines will use different attachments depending on what type of crop is being harvested. A common crop is corn, which uses a cord head attachment that is built with CA series roller chains with attachments. Many of today's combines are built with auto-sensing calibration, monitoring systems, sensors and GPS assistance. With all the bells and whistles, you can expect to pay an expensive price tag that could reach near $500,000.


Round Baler Behind Tractor

There are various types of crops that need to be baled with hay being the most common. Today, there are many types of balers that can produce different shapes of bales that can be square, rectangle or round. Many of the balers are built with heavy series roller chains due to the increased loads the chain and sprockets may endure.

Manure Spreaders

Manure Spreader Behind Tractor

Eww... Poo poo spreaders, really? Yep! Farmers have been using manure as an organic fertilizer since the ancient times. Manure organically provides your soil with many essential nutrients needed for healthy plant growth, rather than using dangerous synthetic fertilizers. If you've driven through the rural back roads in farm country, then chances are you encountered some strong odors at times. This is a result of a farm field that was recently fertilized with fresh manure.

Today, manure is applied two different ways with your conventional manure spreader being the most popular. The conventional manure spreaders are large hopper trailers with use a chain drive system with paddles that shoot the manure onto the field. The chain system is usually designed with steel detachable chain or steel pintle chain with welded on cross bars and paddles. The second method of application is by spraying the field with liquefied manure.

Hay Bale Conveyor / Elevator

Hay Bale Conveyor To Loft

Bale elevators are used to assist farmers in conveying hay bales to the upper lofts in a barn for storage. Without these conveyors it would take pretty intense labor to get this bales stored. According to Conway Feed & Supply, a regular bale of hay can weigh up to 140lbs.

Grain Conveyor Systems

Grain Storage

Grain conveyor systems are available in multiple choices for how the grains can be transported. One of the top choices for grain handling is a chain driven conveyor system. A complete system includes long lengths of conveyors, drying equipment and multiple storage bins for the grains. Many of the chain conveyors are built with 81X roller chain that typically have ears welded on bolt on plastic paddles. Nitro Chain is an experienced supplier for many grain conveyor manufacturers that can provide complete chain assemblies. Contact us with your requirements for a custom chain quote.